Standard of Care-The New Generation of Infusion Stabilization

The Stedline™ products are disposable primary tubing stabilization devices that reduce the risk of IV failures due to movement without the aid of tape or adhesives that can create adverse events. As same patient reusable devices that breathe, they are simple and easy to use, soft and comfortable. The Stedline stabilization products can save time, lives and money. With the ease of fitting the Stedline Pediatric & Adult Sleeves an individual can naturally migrate from one to the other as needed. Call or write for additional information or samples and feel free to print our brochure. You can also place your order with us today.

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Safe Patient Handling Made Easy

The Versatilt wheelchair tilting device is a one of a kind, innovative durable medical product which allows care providers to avoid musculoskeletal difficulties, distress and workers’ comp injuries when treating the wheelchair bound. The Versatilt allows the patient to remain comfortably seated in their own wheelchair to receive professional care in the best possible ergonomic position while eliminating dangerous and uncomfortable chair transfers.

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