Stedline Features

The Stedline IV Sleeve is an easy to use, disposable, primary tubing stabilization device that reduces the risk of IV failure due to movement. It is same-patient reusable: if an IV exceeds its dwell time or needs to be reseated, the patient can reuse the same Sleeve with another line set avoiding any additional cost to maintain stabilization.

Appropriate Patient Populations

Best used in patient populations with the highest risks of complications or failures including: Disoriented, agitated or combative; geriatric (fragile skin); hypoallergenic (skin integrity); diaphoretic (adhesives fails); compromised skin (burns & abrasions); patients being transported (highest incidents of dislodgement); maternity and emergency transport, (domestic and military) this includes pediatrics.

Product Qualities

The Stedline products are  made of a soft, breathable, medical grade material they requires no tape or adhesive which can create subsequent skin integrity issues. They contain no latex or PVCs and can be used in many locations to secure IVs. The Sleeve withstands significantly greater pull force than IV tubing. In most cases, the caregiver need only release the tension by lifting the Velcro tabs and adjusting the tubing. In extreme cases, the IV tubing will fail but no dislodgement occurs because the Stedline device has protected the catheter. As a result the caregiver must replace the extension set but does not need to start a new IV site. Please watch the video.

Patient, Caregiver & Facility Benefits

We believe the Stedline products will improves patient comfort and security, reduce caregiver workload and provides the facilities a significant ROI from reduced costs due to fewer IV complications and improved patient satisfaction scores.


The Stedline IV Sleeve meets Infusion Nurses Society Standards as an “engineered mechanical stabilization device” (INS Standards of Practice, 2011). The standards also clearly state that tape is not a stabilization device. The Stedline IV Sleeve has been cleared by the FDA as a 510k exempt device.